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Wearable for equestrian sports and equien wellbeing

HorseAnalytics provides the first wearable for tracking your horse's activity, exercise, sleep and behavior 24/7. Foster your intimate bond with your horse without any limits.

We believe that every moment of your horse's behavior matters. The more you know, the better you can impact on its training and wellbeing. With using HorseAnalytics you don’t have to stress yourself anymore, because it's reassuring to know that your horse is fine.


Why you definitely need our solution

HorseAnalytics becomes the mouthpiece between you and your horse.

How it works

The HorseAnalytics app for iOS or Android


Track your horse 24/7

With industry-leading battery life of ONE MONTH the HorseAnalytics wearable is reliable, easy to use and build out of the best firm and bite resistant material. It has a purpose for every part of your horse's day – its activity, exercises, sleep and behavior. We are still getting started, heart monitoring and GPS will follow soon.

Get detailed and edited analysis

The HorseAnalytics equestrianism algorithm is developed by and with professional data analysts and based on the latest academic research. We provide you a real time monitoring that shows your progress with charts and graphs in your HorseAnalytics dashboard. With that you can always stay on track of your daily training. Reviews on your horse's training show for example duration as well as gaits and jumps and differentiate automatically between various activities.

Synchronize data

Wireless and automatic data transfer from your HorseAnalytics wearable device to your HorseAnalytics smartphone app or the web app on your computer always keeps you well informed.

Increase performance

Enhance the wellbeing of your horse, manage to accommodate your training and get individual recommendations for your training based on the analysis of horse breed, age and shape of your horse. Recognize signs of discomfort or an illness via push notifications.

Share data

Connect with your coach, horse trainer, veterinarian and friends. A good communication enhances your teamwork and seeing your progress helps you and the people you work with to see what’s possible.


HorseAnalytics delivers a completely connected experience that’s 24/7.


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Start monitoring now!

Before we will have finalized the HorseAnalytics hardware we provide you the HorseAnalytics saddlecloth to track your horse's activities via your smartphone and the HorseAnalytics app. You can start monitoring right away using your smartphone to record all basic stats.

Currently the trainings bundle is only available in Germany.

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Previous Achievements


HorseAnalytics already got 200.000€ funding, was part of the Google & VentureVilla Accelerator program, is partnering with the best German equestrian sportsmen as well as working with German universities for data analysis, research & studies.


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Founder Enri Chantal Strobel at Startups@Reeperbahn Pitch 2016 © Stefan Groenveld

Founder Enri Chantal Strobel at Startups@Reeperbahn Pitch 2016
© Stefan Groenveld


Invest in HorseAnalytics and our product! Support the founder Enri C. Strobel to disrupt and rethink equestrian sports.