Press Release

With smart sensors for training success


Hamburg/Hanover, 3 March 2017 The Hanoverian Startup HorseAnalytics GmbH has set itself the task to improve the health and performance of horses by sensors and data analysis. With this idea, founder Enri C. Strobel attracts international attention. Now the first product package is just before the betaphase.

Using algorithms to keep the nose ahead is a matter of course in the digital age.  A trend that has almost passed without a trace on the old horse breed. When it comes to founder Enri C. Strobel, it is now concluded: "Data analysis is not only the efficiency in training can be increased," she says. "The health and well-being of the animals can also be significantly improved."

In the startup scene, this idea is a positive response. As the only start-up company in Germany, HorseAnalytics is qualified for the prestigious SXSW Accelerator (March 11-13, 2017) in Austin, Texas. There, founder Strobel will present her company to the jury in the "Sport Tech" category. HorseAnalytics received support for the tour through the private platform Hamburg Startups and its partners, as well as through the participation in the SXSW-supported startups @ Reeperbahn Pitch.

Also at the 14th StartUp Impuls ideas contest in Hanover, HorseAnalytics was a finalist in the "Start Up Idea" category, after the company had already received a first investment of € 100,000 through the VentureVilla Accelerator in October 2016.

The smartphone as a measuring instrument

The HorseAnalytics app is available for iOS or Android. The smartphone is attached to the horse with a dashboard. From the end of March, this system will go into a comprehensive practice test with 200 participants. The package will be available in Germany.

The interdisciplinary team of data analysts, developers and partners like Microsoft and the Leuphana University in Lüneburg has developed an app that uses the motion sensors of the smartphone. "During the daily riding training we can analyze the movements of the horse objectively and in real time", says founder Strobel."The algorithms specially developed for the Reitsport recognize gaits, movement amount and intensity as well as many other information.”  The analyzes are based on current scientific knowledge and relate the breed, age and fitness of the horse. They also allow conclusions to be drawn about the health of the animal.

The pacer and 24/7 monitoring

The vision of HorseAnalytics is to accompany horses at all times and to improve their well-being and their health. This is to be achieved in the future via a specially developed sensor: the Pacer. In this way, the owner can also inform himself about the activities and symptoms of his horse from afar.

The Pacer captures the movements of the horse through its own sensors and transmits the data to the cloud. For this purpose, it is attached to the neck of a halter or a bridle and can be changed from the halter to the bridle in a matter of seconds. In the corresponding app, the data is then analyzed and clearly processed. In this way, the user recognizes how much and in what gait the horse has moved. It is also evident whether these movements have taken place in the training or on the pasture. This should also show colics and lameness at an early stage.

About HorseAnalytics

HorseAnalytics GmbH was founded on 14 October 2016. The first show of the Pacer took place at the Horse & Hunting Fair in Hanover in December 2016. The Betatest phase with almost 200 horse owners and horsemen begins in the end of March 2017. After that, training monitoring via app will initially be available for the German market.

Founder Enri C. Strobel (25), Bachelor in Corporate Management and Economics at the Zeppelin University of Friedrichshafen, was involved in project management for Xing founder Lars Hinrichs (Apartimentum). She is a member of the Geekettes, past president of a Hamburg Rotaract club as well as longtime rider and polo player. 

An interdisciplinary team consisting of data analysts, developers as well as friends and partners such as Microsoft and the Leuphana University in Lüneburg is located behind her. In addition many other well-known cooperation partners also come from the horse scene.